Grabbing Wireless network Profiles

4/12 Hello everyone, Johnny here with another nifty post.

Earlier versions of Windows settings for the Wireless configuration were maintained upon each individual computer. The drawback to this of course would be that if I had a new computer, the settings for any Wireless networks would need to be re-configured again each time.

I stumbled upon this Idea, what if I can generate a script that would enable me to grep this information and output all these wireless profiles / creds onto a plain text.

After a few mins of scripting I generated the following.

Note: This is using the Powershell command let.

function Split([string]$string, [char]$delim)
$split = $string.split("$delim")
$string = $split[1].trim()
$_ | Out-File $errFile -Append
Return $string

$col = @()
$id = @()
$auth = @()
$key = @()
$cip = @()
$username = $env:Username
$drive = (Get-Location).Drive.Name
$error = (get-date -format yyyy.MM.dd)+”_”+$username+”_Errors”
$errFile = “$drive:\Tools\Scripts\$error.txt”

$command = netsh wlan show profiles | Select-String “All User”

Out-File $errFile -Append -InputObject “Collecting SSID”
foreach($ssid in $command)

$ssid = $ssid.line
$ssid = Split “$ssid” “:”
$id += $ssid

$length = $id.length
Out-File $errFile -Append -InputObject “`n`r”

for($i=0; $i -lt $length; $i++)
$currID = $id[$i]
Out-File $errFile -Append -InputObject “Collecting data for $currID”

$data = netsh wlan show profiles $id[$i] key=clear
$a = $data | Select-String “Authentication”
$c = $data | Select-String “Cipher”
$k = $data | Select-String “Key Content”

$a = $a.line
$a = Split “$a” “:”
$auth += $a

$c = $c.line
$c = Split “$c” “:”
$cip += $c

$k = $k.line
if($k -ne $null)
{$k = Split “$k” “:”}
{$k = “~No Password~”}
$key += $k

Out-File $errFile -Append -InputObject “`n`r”

for($j=0; $j -lt $length; $j++)
$obj = New-Object System.Object
$obj | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name SSID -value $id[$j]
$obj | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name Authentication -value $auth[$j]
$obj | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name Cipher -value $cip[$j]
$obj | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name Password -value $key[$j]
$col += $obj
$title = (get-date -format yyyy.MM.dd)+”_$username”
$col | Sort-Object Authentication -descending | ft -auto | Out-File “$drive:\Tools\Scripts\$title.txt”




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